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Frequently Asked Questions on BD MAX™ Club

Why can’t I access certain pages and resources on the BD MAX™ Club website?

BD MAX™ Club members have unlimited access to our website content. If you are not a BD MAX™ Club member, we invite you to join the molecular diagnostic community and sign up.

How can I become a BD MAX™ Club member?

This website has been designed for BD MAX™ users. As a BD MAX™ user, you should have received detailed instructions on how to become a BD MAX™ Club member, including a QR code and a BD MAX™ Club member card. If you did not receive instructions or lost your member card, please contact your BD sales representative.

How can I subscribe to the BD MAX™ Club newsletter?

When signing up for BD MAX™ Club, you will be asked to provide your email preferences. This will act as your consent for contact; without it, you will not be able to receive any news from the BD MAX™ Club team.

Already a BD MAX™ Club member? Visit your profile page and adjust your email preferences as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions on the BD MAX™ System

Can the BD MAX™ System remain on indefinitely?

No, it is recommended to power cycle the instrument at least once a week as part of the weekly maintenance. Please refer to the User’s Manual for more information

What should I do if my BD MAX™ System is flashing in red?

Please refer to the User’s Manual for a complete list of potential errors and action required by the user. Additionally, you can visit the BD MAX™ Club Learning Centre and watch the tutorial videos on the “How to use the BD MAX™ System” page for more information on the platform and on the remote support service. If you are interested in remote support, please contact your local BD representative.

What is the daily maintenance on the BD MAX™ System?

Dampen a lint free cloth with either 1% (v/v) sodium hypochlorite (bleach) in water, 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, DNA AWAY, or commercially available disinfecting wipes containing 1% sodium hypochlorite and apply to the following areas of the BD MAX™ System:

  • sample racks
  • laboratory work surfaces
  • ancillary items such as pipettors, vortex, tube racks, etc.
  • all external and internal work surfaces of the BD MAX™ instrument, except the glass surface of the cartridge drawer

It is recommended to clean external BD MAX™ surfaces before internal surfaces.

ATTENTION: Sodium hypochlorite is a known PCR inhibitor. If used as a cleaning solution, residue must be removed by thoroughly wiping down all system parts that came into contact with the solution with a lint-free cloth dampened with deionized (DI) water, followed by 70% alcohol, in unidirectional motions.

What do I do if I suspect platform contamination?

Please refer to the “decontamination guidelines” available on BD MAX™ resources page.

Where can I find instructions on how to use the BD MAX™ System and its assays?

All official documentation is available on the BD MAX™ resources page.

Where can I find more information on sample preparation?

I am already using the BD MAX™ Enteric Bacterial Panel on the BD MAX™ System. Can I simultaneously run an additional assay alongside the BD MAX™ Enteric Bacterial Panel?

Yes, most BD MAX™ assays are run and rack compatible to allow your lab more flexibility by optimising your workflow.

BD MAX™ GBS, BD MAX™ Vaginal Panel and open system assays have specific rack compatibility. BD MAX™ MDR-TB is the only assay that must be run separately.

Please use the “Run Wizard” in the “Worklist” tab of the BD MAX™ System to help you assemble your racks appropriately.

For detailed information on each assay, please access the BD MAX™ resources page.

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Connect with professionals from around the world BD MAX™ Club members represent a community of professionals in infectious diseases and molecular diagnostics. With regional meet-ups and live webinars from global experts, expand your laboratory’s network and collaborate with worldwide colleagues.

Tailored medical and technical expertise Whether you need compelling scientific research or tutorials for troubleshooting on the BD MAX™ System, BD MAX™ Club is here to accompany your molecular diagnostics journey. Log in to your BD MAX™ Club account anywhere, anytime to access our information database.

Exclusive members’ perks BD MAX™ Club membership unlocks doors to exclusive webinars and collaboration with industry leading experts. Engage with your colleagues in the molecular community and exchange with the BD research and development team.

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