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BD MAX™ System


BD MAX™ Molecular Diagnostic System

Molecular Workflow Optimization Service for BD MAX™ System


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Healthcare-associated infection (HAI)

General Cdiff MRSA / StaphSR CPO

Accurate, actionable HAI diagnostics

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BD MAX™ Cdiff assay leaflet

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BD MAX™ MRSA assay leaflet

BD MAX™ StaphSR assay leaflet

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BD MAX™ CPO assay leaflet

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Gastrointestinal infection (GI)

General Bacterial Panel Parasite Panel Viral Panel

Rapid, reliable gastroenteritis diagnostics

BD MAX™ enteric brochure

Enteric Infographic

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BD MAX™ Enteric Bacterial Panel leaflet

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BD MAX™ Enteric Parasite Panel leaflet

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BD MAX™ Enteric Viral Panel leaflet

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Sexually-transmitted infection (STI)

General CT/GC/TV Vaginal Panel GBS

Targeted, efficient STI screening and diagnostics

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Elevate the standard of testing by addressing the three most prevalent non-viral sexually transmitted infections

BD CTGCTV2 / BD CTGC2 for BD MAX™ System leaflet

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BD MAX™ Vaginal Panel leaflet

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BD MAX™ GBS assay leaflet

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Respiratory tract infection (RTI)

SARS-CoV-2 / Flu / RSV General MDR-TB Others

BD Respiratory Viral panel Innovation that simplifies. Clinical differentiation that counts.

Enhancing your co-testing capabilities with versatile detection kits for the BD MAX™ System

How can you achieve MAX IMPACT in testing for COVID-19 and Flu?

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Effective, timely RTI diagnostics


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Advance the standard of testing for multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB)

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VIASURE Pneumocystis jirovecii Kit for BD MAX™ System leaflet

VIASURE Bordetella Kit for BD MAX™ System leaflet

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How do other BD MAX™ users engage their platform?

How has NHS Chesterfield Royal Hospital optimized bed management?
April, 2019

“The major advantage of using the BD MAX in the laboratory, it’s a very easy system to use. It’s actually support staff driven, which means it takes away a lot of the specialist biomedical scientists”

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How did the BD MAX™ System help Bio 67 lab improve patient management?
April, 2019

“We found twice as many positive results as before that’s what makes the BD MAX™ solution unique: it’s incredibly sensitive as the results were confirmed in culture retrospectively so the screening was accurate and enabled us to deliver quick, relevant and trustworthy results.”

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Why join BD MAX™ Club?

Connect with professionals from around the world BD MAX™ Club members represent a community of professionals in infectious diseases and molecular diagnostics. With regional meet-ups and live webinars from global experts, expand your laboratory’s network and collaborate with worldwide colleagues.

Tailored medical and technical expertise Whether you need compelling scientific research or tutorials for troubleshooting on the BD MAX™ System, BD MAX™ Club is here to accompany your molecular diagnostics journey. Sign up now as a BD MAX Club member, to stay in the know of scientific updates and upcoming event(s).

Exclusive members’ perks BD MAX™ Club membership unlocks doors to exclusive webinars and collaboration with industry leading experts. Engage with your colleagues in the molecular community and exchange with the BD research and development team.

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